Pakistan’s tax payers bear Rs 692bn (~$5bn) loss -government inefficient entities


Wo Afsana Jisay Anjam Par Lana Na Ho Mumkin..
Ussay Ik Khoobsoorat Mor De Kar Chor na Acha..

(those matters that can not be concluded should be left on an amicable note)

Applies aptly to the saga of loss making PIA, Steel Mill, Railways, SSGC/SNGP and Power companies. Taxpayers lose Rs 2bn everyday. Imagine what we can do with that loss every year;

– double PSDP or
– buy 60 Rafale fighter jets or
– pay 70% of ML-1 Railway or
– Dasu Dam or
– Pay IMF $6bn or
– Sukkur-Hyd Motorway or
– Save Rs 600bn of national debt or
– +2x Education and Health budget
– +2x Set up multiple universities
– Give partial tax concession to local businesses
– Reduce Corporate and Income Tax Rates
– Nationwide health insurance

It is important to take things into perspective. This has to be priority number 1 for the government. Not just once a month meeting. Everyday is an emergency situation. Political parties can sail through elections if they turn the economy around & rehabilitate job losses from PSEs. These are pressing matters requiring utmost emergency measures. The dependency syndrome must end.

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