Pakistan tries to befriend Bangladesh: smart, needed & crucial!

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This was long overdue. Establishing strong relationship with Bangladesh would prove that we’re beyond the bitter pasts & genuine peacemakers. Prime Minister Khan’s telephonic call with Bangladesh PM is a step in the right direction at the right time.

Yes, it is anchored by geo-politics.
A) Iran: is moving away from India to China (Chabahar cancelled)
B) Afghanistan: new regime is Pakistan-backed (less role for India)
C) Nepal: issues new Map including parts of India (border issue)
D) Sri Lanka: believes India is conspiring for a regime change (mulls ending port deal)
E) Bangladesh: reacts negatively to India’s Citizenship Act (gain duty free access to Chinese markets)

Nonetheless, Pakistan’s political posture should aim at geo-economic integration of the region. Smart diplomacy is the way forward. Bangladesh is one of the most competitive, fastest growing economy & rich with tappable middle class.

World is increasing getting polarised amid US vs China’s ambitions. This may perhaps be the most crucial junction to repair Pak-Bangladesh ties & unravel new waves of partnership.

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