How To Properly Value A Company

Valuing a company is like figuring out how much a house is worth. Let’s explore three ways to do this: Market Value, Peer Comparison, and the Cash Flow Method.

Imagine a company’s value is like the price tag on a house. Market Value is what other people are willing to pay for it. The market price of a company’s stock is a good indicator – it’s like the price tag on the house driven by what buyers and sellers agree on. If a company’s stock is priced lower than it should be, more people will want to buy it, and the price will go up.

Unlock the World: Invest in Nasdaq, S&P 500, and DOWJ Straight from Pakistan with KTrade Global Markets and PMEX!

Are you curious about investing in some of the world’s biggest and most well-known companies, like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft? Did you know that you can invest in these companies through the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and Dow Jones indices, straight from Pakistan? KTrade Global Markets and PMEX make it possible for you to invest in global markets quickly and legally, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

So, what exactly are Nasdaq, S&P 500, and Dow Jones? These are well-known indices that represent the performance of the largest and most established companies in the United States. The Nasdaq index, for instance, is made up of tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google. The S&P 500 includes companies from a variety of sectors, including technology, healthcare, and finance. And the Dow Jones index includes 30 large companies, such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and Visa.

What’s Futures Trading and Why It’s the Secret to Financial Success?

Investing is a great way to build wealth and secure your financial future. But with so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide which path to take. If you’re looking for a way to potentially earn big profits in a short amount of time, then futures trading may be the answer.

Futures trading is the buying and selling of contracts that allow you to purchase or sell an asset at a specific price on a future date. This means that you can take advantage of the fluctuation of prices in the market to make a profit.

How to Trade in Gold – Unlock Financial Security Today with KTrade

Gold is a valuable investment asset that can provide financial security and stability, especially during times of economic uncertainty. Trading in gold is now more accessible than ever through PMEX, the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange, a regulated exchange that offers trading in various commodities, including gold. In this blog, we will guide you through the steps of trading in gold through PMEX with the help of KTrade, a leading online brokerage firm in Pakistan.

Step 1: Open an Account with PMEX via KTrade

Top 5 KSE100 Stocks to Invest in 2023: A Guide to Navigating Pakistan’s Volatile Market

As 2023 approaches, it’s crucial to stay informed about potential investment opportunities in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX). Despite the volatility of the market, savvy investors can still find profitable options. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the top KSE100 stocks to invest in 2023 and how to navigate the market.

Our projection for the KSE 100 index target in 2023 is at 47,640 points. This projection is based on an earnings growth rate of 12% and a dividend yield of 8%. Given the economic and political volatility in the market, we do not anticipate a re-rating of the index.

What your Investment Plan could look like in 2023

As we approach 2023, it’s important for investors to stay informed about Pakistan’s economic landscape and identify the sectors and opportunities that are likely to offer the best potential returns. While the past year has been marked by significant economic instability, it’s important to understand that this trend is expected to continue into the coming year. Political uncertainty, IMF conditions, high inflation, and exchange rate vulnerability are all factors that are likely to persist until the 4th quarter of 2023.

Promising Sectors for Investment

What Is Roshan Digital Account & How To Open an RDA?

What is a Roshan Digital Account? With over 9 million Pakistanis living abroad across 115 countries, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) in collaboration with the commercial banks of Pakistan, has introduced a digital account named as Roshan Digital Account. It facilitates Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) to make different types of financial transactions through this account… Continue reading What Is Roshan Digital Account & How To Open an RDA?


When investing, one should diversify into different asset classes in order to diversify risks and returns. Traditionally, one would invest in the capital markets. But with the advancement in technology, it is now possible to invest in digital assets. A capital market is a market where sellers and buyers, like individuals and institutions, engage in trade of financial instruments such as stocks and bonds. A stock market is a market where stocks are bought and sold. In Pakistan, stocks are traded as a way to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX).

Apart from the conventional form of asset class, cryptocurrency is a digital form of asset class. It is classified as a new medium of exchange, which relies on block chain technology. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, which are backed by decentralized systems that allow for secure online payments. Both the asset classes differ in how they are bought and sold along with having a different investment strategy.

What Is a Brokerage Account? 6 Types & Ways to It in Pakistan?

Investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange paves way for an individual to increase their capital. The Stock Market is a part of the Capital Market. A Capital market is any marketplace where financial securities or assets are exchanged. A stock market is a specific category that falls under the capital market. A stock market deals with the exchange of shares issued by a Company. Issued shares are available to the general public to either be bought or sold. Trading on the Stock Exchange is one of the best ways to invest money in Pakistan.

The first step to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange is to open a brokerage account. It is opened with a reliable brokerage house of the investor’s choice. It is a financial account opened to buy and sell securities like mutual funds, bonds and stocks. Money can easily be deposited into or withdrawn from a brokerage account.

What is K-trade Application and how to Sign up for it?

K-trade is a retail stock trading application owned by K-trade Securities (formerly Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Securities). The app delivers a seamless process of signing up for a brokerage account and online stock trading. The application was launched in 2019, over 250,000 users have registered on the application to date. K-trade is also known for charging the lowest commission in the industry.
The application is easily downloadable from the Play store/ App store, once downloaded the users can sign up for a trading/virtual account straight away. Upon launching the application for the first time, a sign-up window will pop up which requires basic details like name, cellphone number, email address, and city of the user, once the required details have been submitted the user will receive an OTP (one time password) on the provided email address. The submission of OTP will mark the conclusion of the sign-up process and the user can log into their K-trade account. K-trade allows its customers to start stock trading as low as PkR 5,000.
The application has two modes real and virtual. The app allows you to switch to the virtual mode by selecting the option on the top right corner, by choosing the virtual mode, the user will have PkR 1 million of virtual money and can start virtual trading with that. This mode is an excellent opportunity to practice trading before investing real money. Apart from this, the users of K-trade are also provided with customer service, trader’s assistance, and access to an exclusive research portal to guide the investors in making a well-informed decision. The research portal includes detailed research reports on companies, economy, and performance indicators of all the listed companies.

All the users of K-Trade application are provided with a standard watchlist initially. However, you can modify the watch list and add/ remove as many stocks as you want. The watchlist displays the real-time update of the stock performance and is linked with the PSX portal. To add stock, the users simply need to type the desired stock’s symbol on the search bar provided and select it. The stock will then permanently be added to the watchlist. To remove a stock from the watchlist, select the already added symbol and opt for the removal from the watchlist option. Shares can be bought or sold through two options on the application, directly from the watchlist or through the “trade” option in the listed menu on the left. To buy/sell directly from the watch list, simply select the desired stock and choose “the buy/sell” option, this will direct the users to the trade window. To execute an order, two fields are required i) the number of shares to be bought/sold and, ii) the rate at which the user wants to buy/sell. To confirm the order, the app requires a pin code which is “0000” by default for all the users.
Once the order is executed, the application will show a confirmation pop-up. The users can view the orders in line (not executed yet) by selecting the transaction option from the list down menu, the user can also cancel the non-executed orders in this window.
The other option along with the watchlist on the main screen is the portfolio, the users can see their real-time portfolio performance in this section. This option shows the total investment, net worth, buying power, and profit/loss of the user at a particular time.
The portfolio shows a detailed breakdown of return from each stock to date