Top Economic Events To Watch | March 4 – March 8 – 2024

Last week, markets were a bit like a see-saw, with small ups and downs as everyone waited for important economic news. On Thursday, we got some of that news: inflation data (Core CPI) met expectations, while consumer sentiment took a surprise dip and manufacturing activity slowed a bit. This hints that maybe the Federal Reserve could cut interest rates in June, which got investors excited!

This excitement caused a late-week rally, boosting major indexes and even helping the Nasdaq Composite set a new record.

Top Economic Events To Watch | February 26 – March 1 – 2024

Last week witnessed a remarkable surge in stock markets, with the S&P 500, the Nasdaq, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average all reaching unprecedented highs.

Looking ahead to this week for February 26 – March 1st, markets are bracing for potentially unforeseen behaviors influenced by upcoming economic releases. We’ve outlined five key releases for the week that are recommended to be closely monitored.

Top Economic Events To Watch | February 12 – 16 – 2024

This week marks the midpoint of February 2024, and it’s shaping up to be quite eventful in terms of economic developments. Over the coming days, we anticipate several releases that could impact assets such as $GBPUSD, $EURUSD, and the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, DAX30, and SPX500 indices. Below, we outline their potential outcomes and precise release times and dates so you can plan your trading strategies with NAGA based on the top economic events of the week.

On Monday, our focus should be on the speech by BoE Governor Andrew Bailey. It’s likely that during his address, the Bank of England representative will touch upon the topic of the key interest rate, currently standing at 5.25%. Previously, the bank’s head stated that he is less concerned about inflation, which is gradually decreasing. Therefore, if the market receives concrete signals about a rate cut at the next meeting in March, it could affect assets such as the FTSE100 and $GBPUSD, supporting stocks and putting pressure on the pound.

US30 Soars to New Heights: Navigating Volatility Ahead

US30 1-Hour Timeframe, 08 February 2024

The US30 on a 1-hour timeframe has moved in a volatile uptrend since the recent low plotted on 18 January. On 2 February, the US30 reached a new all-time high of 38 784.3. This move dethroned the 31 January all-time high at 38 609.2.

Global Weekly Recap January 22 – 2024 – January 26 – 2024

As we approach the end of the first month of 2024, the financial world has been a period full of surprises. Notably, this week witnessed the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average closing at all-time highs. However, the global economy continues to grapple with inflationary pressures. Adding to the complexity, the European Central Bank (ECB) opted not to lower its key interest rate, a decision that has rippled through financial markets.

How have these developments impacted various assets? We delve into these dynamics in our comprehensive weekly review.

Top Economic Events To Watch | January 22 – 26

Welcome to our weekly top economic events, where we’re set to kick off a series of impactful releases starting Tuesday, January 23rd.

This week, watch for major announcements including the Bank of Japan’s interest rate decision, which could sway the $USDJPY pair, and the European Central Bank’s key rate decision, potentially affecting the $EURUSD and European stocks. Also, keep an eye on the American Pending Home Sales, Canadian interest rate decisions, and the Eurozone’s Composite PMI data – each capable of inducing significant market volatility.

Top Economic Events of This Week | January 15 – January 19 – 2024

This week, all eyes are on a series of pivotal economic events that have the potential to significantly sway the financial markets. From key releases in the UK and EU to crucial data from the USA, each announcement carries the weight to influence major currency pairs and indices.

The first key release of the week will be on Tuesday at 9:00 GMT+2 in the United Kingdom. This is the Claimant Count Change, which presents a change in the total number of people claiming unemployment benefits during the given month. The indicator is calculated based on administrative data from the benefits and social support system.

NAGA Weekly Recap December 18 – 2023 – December 22 – 2023

As we conclude the last full business week of 2023, the markets have witnessed significant shifts. From the abrupt halt of the stock market rally to the impactful news of Apple Watch sales being blocked in the U.S., these events have notably influenced market dynamics. For a detailed analysis and insights into these pivotal developments, dive into our comprehensive review below 👇

A record-setting stock rally took a breather after a string of gains

Top Economic Events of This Week | December 11 – December 15 – 2023

This week, financial markets are keenly anticipating the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting and the release of the Fed’s economic projections. Additionally, there are expectations for interest rate decisions in both Britain and Europe, which are crucial events not to be missed. These developments could impact various assets and trigger volatility, including movements in the US Dollar and stock markets.

Here are five economic events that could affect your portfolio this week.

Top Economic Events of This Week | December 4 – December 7 – 2023

As we head into this week, several key economic events are poised to unfold, each with the potential to trigger significant market volatility, especially as the year draws to a close. From pivotal job reports in the US to critical interest rate decisions and GDP announcements, these releases could offer numerous opportunities for potentially profitable trades.

With NAGA, navigating through these economic events becomes more straightforward. As a premier social trading platform, we offer you the unique opportunity to join in on social trading, invest with insight, follow market trends, and copy the strategies of leading traders.